Friday, March 19, 2004

Have just checked Google - there's loads of Nick Hill's... but not me! I've changed my template and put in some links, so I'm gonna see if I can increase my ranking. Trouble is, there are some pretty seriously geeky Nick Hill's out there who've obviously been around some time! It's going to be a fight!
So how can I use this blog to up my (Nick Hill) Google SE profile? Do I have just have to keep writing my name - Nick Hill all the time?
19th March
Haven't posted for a while - been pretty full on at work. Also not sure where I want to take this. Been looking at Guardian unlimited Blogger awards - some truly great blogs out there, which makes this look extremely uncreative. I need 'a big idea'!!!

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Sat 28 Feb
Sat seems to be the only day I get time to do this.... it's been a realy busy but great week. From Mon to Thurs was in Cannes for a work conference (3GSM). Lots of meetings but also time to party at night - some great meals out and a top night spent in Monte carlo - flown there in a helicopter, drinks in Hotel du paris, then meal in Cafe du Paris, then into the casino, then a stretch limo back. What a night!

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Sat 21st Feb 04
It's been another full-on day today. Our friends were due to come down and stay for the weekend, but phoned to cancel early in the morning, due to their kid, Alexander, being poorly. That put all our plans out, and we've ended up staying in all day.

Day started at 7.10am (which is great, it's usually between 6-6.30am) with Leo screaming for 'Mama', but my turn to get up. He woke Grace up too, so we all came downstairs, leaving 'Mama' upstairs for a lie in. Telly went straight on (just about the 1st thing Grace says), I give Leo his milk, Grace some juice (apple & mango the current favourite), and change leo's nappy. It's freezing today.

At 8, Leo suddenly wants breakfast, we've seen The Fimbles episode before, so we all come in for some breakfast. Leo has Cheerios, Grace weetabix and alpen (as I do). Then I make Kathy a cup of tea, tell Leo to go and see Mama upstairs, whilst washing up and tidying the kitchen (leftovers from last nights meal).

Grace & Leo then did some drawing - Grace did a great family pic with all our names, and all of us wearing rings on our fingers.

Then we all went upstairs, played around whilst trying to get the kids dressed. Grace did it herself.

After lunch (leo - spaghetti hoops on toast, Grace - plain pasta
I went down the local pub for an hour or so (the Stanford Arms on Fiveways in Brighton) to watch Chelsea lose YET AGAIN!!! to those bloody Gooners. That's our season all but over now. Just glad I'm not in the office next week,as surrounded by Gooners!

oops, gotta go, Leo on his own in the bath.

Hi, this is my first post, sitting at my new PC at home in Brighton

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